A 25.00, non-refundable deposit is required to hold a slot and before any work will start. The balance is due when the doll is completed and before shipping. Time payments may be an option if you need it. Please email me and we can work something out. If you do decide you need time payments, payments should start in a reasonable amount of time after the deposit is sent (or in the agreed upon time frame) not after the doll is completed and the balance is due. The base cost of most dolls is 200.00. I provide my own dolls and don't offer discounts if you provide the body as I can nearly always get a volume discount. I also prefer to use my own fabrics, leathers and ultra suedes as I know exactly what material will work nicely for the dolls I make.
    Several photos will be sent to you on completion of your doll(s) if you approve the doll(s) I will not refund any money after shipping. If you think there might be a problem please ask for more pictures or of certain angles if I missed them. If you receive your doll and find a flaw in the clothing please let me know and send it back for repair. Please also remember that this is a hobby to a lot of us, but this is my job. If you don't pay for your order it can become a big problem for me in a hurry. I would also rather get a very honest "I don't have the money right now" than be ignored or get a string of excuses. Payment is expected when the doll is completed (if not prepaid in full) and I will get your dolls done in the week I say they will be done. If they are done sooner than promised I will of course wait for payment if necessary. Any doll not paid for within 1 week of billing with no communication becomes my property and I will keep it or sell it as I see fit. Any money paid towards the purchase price will be lost. I am not an unreasonable person but I have found if you let people walk all over you, they will. If you cannot pay at the time that was agreed upon please let me know and I will see if something can be worked out.

    I will not copy a design from another artist.

*please note* policy change as of 10-14-09 I will no longer be making removable anything other than driving aprons, possibly pinnies or cross country safety vests. There is far too much time involved in making removable clothing and the wear and tear is much more significant on the dolls. *update* (2-26-11) I will also make removable chinks or cutting chaps. *update* (11-22-15) removable side saddle aprons or cross country vest with attached pinnys are also possible.


I have the Zica Yvonne dolls available. I also have a very limited number of the Breyer dolls with the small heads. I have The Type S doll (like Mego but updated with good joints) man dolls and Breyere youth dolls. 

basic doll (casual doll, showmanship, judge) : 175.00

bendy neck hunt (breyer) seat doll: 200.00

youth hunt seat doll: 175.00

cowboy (bendy legs with no chaps or non-bendy with chaps): 175.00

super bendy cowboy (bendy arms, legs and neck): No chaps 180.00

bendy cowboy with removable WORK chaps (cutting chaps or chinks): 200.00 (no removable show chaps)

fancy western pleasure doll (artist design): 200.00

bendy neck (breyer) western pleasure: 200.00

sidesaddle or driving doll: 200.00

saddle seat doll (wired coat hem): 200.00

removable cutting chaps or chinks are (available as of 2-26-11): 25.00 

removable sidesaddle or driving apron (extra to change doll): 25.00

removable cross country vest with attached pinny, removable medband and watch: 30.00

other dolls: please inquire for pricing

To order please email me at fieldofdolls@gmail.com 

Field of Dolls Studio